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Zinc + Vitamin C

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Frunutta Dissolvable Zinc + Vitamin C:
For Immune System Health & Faster Healing* Zinc + Vitamin C aids immunity* and helps wounds heal faster* It also helps with the absorption of plant-based iron, and zinc is essential for the body to make DNA and for cell division.*

Frunutta Zinc + Vitamin C

Benefits of Taking Zinc and Vitamin C

Zinc & Vitamin C are essential in strengthening our immune system.*
Zinc is a mineral critical to the functioning of enzymes in your body. It is necessary to convert vitamin A to retinol, a light absorbing protein in your eye. Vitamin C helps to make collagen, an important component for flexibility of tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.

 Zinc & Vitamin C Supports:
  • Protects body from oxidative damage*
  • Helps heal wounds faster*
About the product:
  • small potent dietary supplements
  • requires no swallowing or water
  • Micro Quick Absorb Instant dissolve tablets
  • Preservative Free, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dye Free; No Fillers,
  • No Additives, No Excipients
  • Easy to take
  • All our vitamins and dietary supplements are manufactured in our Certified GMP facility under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines) in Los Angeles, California
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Love your vitamins!

We love your Zinc supplements! They are easy on the stomach because they dissolve in your mouth. We didn't even realize there was Zinc sublingual products until we discovered Frunutta!

lori C.
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

wow I loved how fast my vitamin c dissolved and with great flavor a added bonus. loved loved the that I didn't have to take with water and no swallowing

Rebecca C.
Naples, Florida

I love adding the Frunutta Vitamin C to my vitamin routine. These vitamins are extremely easy to ingest! They dissolve right on your tongue and taste great! They are a little bit sour but nothing too strong.

Elizabeth L.
Niles, Illinois

I have never taken vitamin C like this before. The small tablet goes underneath your tongue and dissolves within a minute. The wild cherry is a little sour and fizzy but tastes great! I like how they dissolve in your mouth and you don't have to swallow a big pill. I also love that they are gluten free and preservative free and there are no additives. I recommend this to people who have a hard time swallowing vitamin C pills as they dissolve fast in your mouth.

Emily O.
Dana Point, California

I received this product at the perfect time. My daughter was a few days into a cold and I had started feeling like I was coming down with it. So we started taking this immediately and her cold went away in a few days and I never got one. We were taking 2 a day instead of 1. Now we are taking it for maintenance. Also liked how quick it dissolved and neither of us minded the taste. Will defiantly buy again.