Frunutta Dissolvable Vitamins B6, B12, and Folic Acid
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Vitamins B6, B12, and Folic Acid

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B12, B6 & Folic Acid or better known as B9 is a complex of water-soluble B vitamins needed for vital functions, including energy metabolism, DNA synthesis, and red blood cell production.                

B12, B6 & Folic Acid Benefits

  • May improve energy*
  • Supports protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism*
  • May promote stable blood sugar levels*
  • May improve alertness*
  • Promotes red blood cell production and prevention of anemia*
  • May promote neural development*
  • May supports fetal development and prenatal health *
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Product Info

Unlike pills, where the active ingredients must pass through the intestinal tract, Frunutta Dissolvable Vitamin B12, B6 & Folic Acid tablets rapidly dissolve and disperse under your tongue, and directly diffuse into the bloodstream, providing your body with a dose of B12, B6 and B9 (Folic Acid).

Directions: As a dietary supplement, dissolve one Micro Quick Absorb® tablet under the tongue daily. No water or food is needed.

No swallowing necessary - No water necessary - No artificial ingredients

About the product:

  • Dissolve, disperse and absorbs quickly and effectively under the tongue
  • Micro Quick Absorb Instant Dissolve Tablets that dissolve effortlessly in seconds
  • NO dyes, GMOs, and gluten free, ZERO unnatural fillers
  • Provides higher ratio of nutritional ingredients with fewer inactive binders and fillers
  • Manufactured in the USA from mostly domestic and some imported ingredients
  • Produced in an NSF certified facility
Frunutta Vitamins

Frunutta Dissolvable Vitamin B12, B6 & Folic Acid

Vitamin B12, B6 & Folic Acid (also known as Vitamin B9) are complex B essential vitamins that the body needs to optimize cell functions. Vitamin B12 is one of the few that needs a carrier to be absorbed. This carrier better known as intrinsic factor is less produced by the body as we age and hence B12 injections or under the tongue absorption has become a crucial method of replacing this important nutrient.

Folic Acid may be used for women who are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant. This vitamin is also known as vitamin B9 and is also a form of folate. It has shown to decrease rates of serious birth defects like neural tube defects which include spinal bifida.* B vitamins are also integral in maintaining energy levels. Folic Acid may be used for keeping the blood sugar within a normal range.*

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine or pyridoxal phosphate, is an important component of folate metabolism. B6 is part of the pathway that produces a supply of methionine to serve as a main donor for active methyl groups and components for DNA synthesis and repair.
It is hypothesized that the deficit of vitamin B6, as well as other B vitamins, may play a role in carcinogenesis.*




Frunutta Vitamin B12, B6 & Folic Acid – B complex tablets are designed to quickly replenish your body’s natural levels of B12, B6 & Folic Acid (B9) using intelligent under-the-tongue absorption technology.

Frunutta Vitamin B12, B6 & Folic Acid are made to deliver these water soluble vitamins straight under your tongue, without unnecessary additives, may conceivably giving you improved energy, improved alertness, increased red blood cells for a more improved you.*

Frunutta Vitamin B12, B6 & Folic Acid’s Micro Quick Absorb instant dissolve tablets enter the bloodstream without passing through the digestive system, which means no need for bulky shell coatings, much smaller sized tablets and no shots.*

Frunutta Vitamins


Frunutta Vitamin B12, B6 & Folic Acid

Gluten-Free, Dye Free, GMO-Free

Frunutta Melatonin 5 MG

Dissolves, Disperses, and Absorbs Under Your Tongue

No swallowing, no water and no shots


May improve energy and blood sugar levels *

Promotes Metabolism

May reduce Anemia and improves overall health *

Frunutta Vitamins

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Ronald R.

Don't know how they make me feel yet as I have just started taking them. I like the under tongue method, they do dissolve quickly.


Rose K.

Great size and they dissolve so quickly. I have issue swallowing pills so these were perfect for me. They're small and dissolved in my mouth within a few seconds. I definitely will be ordering more.


Donna C.

So far I am happy with the B12. I appreciate the sample I received with my order. That was a surprise.


With the exception of stevia (Rebaudioside A) found in some Frunutta products, we do not use any sweetener, flavor, flavor enhancer, or masking flavors. And we use no artificial flavors or colors in any Frunutta products.

Because Frunutta products are made from pure and natural sources, the taste and aroma of the products come from ingredients and raw materials.

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Please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional before using any dietary supplement.

If you want to swallow your Frunutta tablets, yes, we recommend that you take your Frunutta Tablets with food. But if you choose to dissolve the tablet under the tongue as recommended, then you do not need to take with food.

Share blog posts, products, or promotions with your customers. Use this text to describe products, share details on availability and style, or as a space to display recent reviews or FAQs.