Why Frunutta®



We at Frunutta® strive to make the world’s best line of vitamins and supplements.

 We have created an incredibly potent and powerful  vitamin and supplement product line. Our Micro Quick Absorb® Instant Dissolve Tablets are designed to dissolve on your tongue in seconds and absorbed by the buccal mucosa of the mouth. This leads to direct absorption of the vitamins and supplements into the blood stream as opposed to other products that have to be swallowed and enter the gastrointestinal system. 

 By producing Micro Quick Absorb® Instant Dissolve Tablets we are able to combine incredibly small, pure vitamins and supplements with fast, efficient absorption via the mouth. This can lead to less nausea and digestive symptoms seen with other vitamins and supplements.


How To Use:

Our Micro Quick Absorb® Instant Dissolve Tablet's nutrients are available in readily instant dissolvable tablets, which are held under the tongue until dissolved. They can also be swallowed or chewed.


What is in Frunutta®?

Our Micro Quick Absorb® Instant Dissolve Tablets are a mixture of simple active dietary supplements, very small amounts of acacia gum and a diluent of lactose in varying proportions.

Today Frunutta® distribute and sells more than 40 dietary supplements in Micro Quick Absorb® formulation and has a vast range of products for each gender and all ages.