Terms of use

  1. Dealers SHALL NOT promote, market, advertise, offer to sell, or sell any Frunutta products through any Amazon.com or Walmart.com marketplace. For Amazon, Walmart and other third-party marketplace orders, Frunutta is the only official sellers authorized by the manufacturer, Frunutta.

  2. IMPORTANT NOTE: Frunutta supports authorized sales of its products except on Online Marketplaces and Restricted Websites as noted above. Frunutta actively participates in the Amazon and Walmart.com Brand Registry Program and similar programs to prevent the advertising and sale of unauthorized, unlicensed, infringing, and/or counterfeit merchandise. Any unauthorized sales of Frunutta products on Amazon, Walmart or other sites will be removed as they are discovered. Ads from online sellers offering any auctions or advertising sales will also be regularly removed or taken down.

  3. Products purchased on Amazon or Walmart from any other source other than Frunutta will not come with the same warranties, Quality assurances, Tamper Evident Shrink Band Child Resistant Caps, non-expired product, money-back guarantees, and customer services as intended by us, Frunutta, the manufacturer.

  4. Under warranty or return/refund policy (if applicable): “This warranty does not apply to products purchased through unauthorized resellers, including unauthorized sellers on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, eBay.com, or other third-party marketplace websites. On Amazon and Walmart.com, this warranty only applies to the seller Frunutta.”

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