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About Us

In 2017, Frunutta’s accomplished doctor-scientist team united around a common goal: innovating a simple solution for the millions of people who can’t take or absorb regular vitamins.

After years of working at the forefront of modern science, Frunutta officially launched its ultra-pure line of highly absorbable vitamins.

Since coming to market in 2018, our research team has expanded to include multiple renowned medical doctors who drive our mission forward through ongoing innovation.

Frunutta Core Values

With a founding team who knows first-hand what it’s like to watch someone you love struggle with a vitamin deficiency, Frunutta sets itself apart with an honest mission in an increasingly disingenuous market.

We believe in doing good, rather than just looking good. That’s why Frunutta was built on a steadfast set of core values that set the standard for everything we do as a company: innovation, purity and simplicity.

Frunutta Fast Dissolve Multivitamins


While most brands rush to launch supplements behind questionable claims, we take our time to develop efficient quality products that we can truly stand behind. We believe vitamins should do what they say, which is why our scientist team always creates innovative solutions based on updated and legitimate research.

Frunutta Fast Dissolve Vitamins


When we say pure, we mean it. As medical doctors who have dedicated our lives to healing and wellness, we believe vitamins should be about one thing only: your health!

That’s why all Frunutta products are 100% free from GMOs, gluten, preservatives and dyes –– just pure vitamins, minerals, and supplements your body can absorb.


Convenience is key to sustaining any habit, including taking vitamins.

We want you to experience the best possible benefits from taking Frunutta vitamins regularly, which is why they come in a convenient micro-sized format that quickly dissolves under your tongue. That means no more swallowing giant pills, nausea, or low absorption issues––just pop it under your tongue and be on your way!

A Few Words From Frunutta’s Founders

“As a doctor and father, I know you’d do anything to keep your family safe and healthy. I also understand it’s sometimes easier said than done.

Like many kids with autism, my son was physically unable to swallow pills or absorb essential nutrients due to a coexisting diagnosis. Most parents struggle to make sure that their kids eat vegetables and take vitamins. For special needs children, vitamins often turn into a daily struggle that ends in tears, frustration, and money down the drain.

In my family’s case, I had no choice but to give my son weekly, painful vitamin injections. Seeing him in agony broke my heart as a father, and the doctor in me felt utterly powerless. No one should have to go through that, especially when modern science is developing faster than ever. As a man of medicine and healing, I wanted to make a difference—not just for my son but for anyone seeking to improve and prevent nutritional deficiencies.”

-Dr. Ali Alavi MD, Co-Founder
Princeton Graduated, Surgical Doctor and Aerospace engineer

“I co-founded Frunutta with the mission to prevent others from going through the same thing my family and I did.

Even a single deficiency can lead to spiraling health issues with a dramatic impact on your quality of life. For those who can’t properly absorb nutrients due to certain medications, diseases, or genetic conditions, this innocuous problem can have devastating effects down the line.

I experienced this first-hand when my mother tragically passed away while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. As she could not swallow and keep down necessary oral iron tablets due to nausea, she suffered painful deficiency complications and eventually succumbed to the ravages of cancer.

While I wish we had created Frunutta sooner, it feels good to know we’ve developed a real solution that’s already helped countless people and families just like mine.”

-Dr. Ali Sajadi MD, Co-Founder
Johns Hopkins Graduated, Surgical Doctor and Innovator of Multiple Patents

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