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Zinc + Vitamin C

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Zinc + Vitamin C combines two vital nutrients that are both necessary to maintain a healthy immune system that can effectively assist the body to fight infections, viruses and oxidative damage. *

Benefits of Zinc + Vitamin C

  • Helps to strengthen immune system* 
  • Helps fight infections* 
  • Supports eye health *
  • Enhances wound healing * 
  • Prevents oxidative damage*
  • Optimizes enzyme function*
  • Promotes collagen production*
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Product Info

FRUNUTTA DISSOLVABLE ZINC + VITAMIN C provides you with two powerful immune boosters packed in one easy-to-absorb Micro Quick Absorb Instant Dissolve Tablet that instantly dissolves and disperses under your tongue.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, for children less than 4 years of age dissolve one Micro Quick Absorb® tablet in food or use as directed by your child's primary healthcare provider. For adults and children 4 or more years of age, dissolve one Micro Quick Absorb® tablet under the tongue daily. No water or food is needed.

No swallowing necessary - No water necessary - No artificial ingredients

About the product:

  • Dissolve, disperse and absorbs quickly and effectively under the tongue
  • Micro Quick Absorb Instant Dissolve Tablets that dissolve effortlessly in seconds
  • NO dyes, GMOs, and gluten free, ZERO unnatural fillers
  • Provides higher ratio of nutritional ingredients with fewer inactive binders and fillers
  • Manufactured in the USA from mostly domestic and some imported ingredients
Frunutta Vitamins


Zinc is a nutritionally essential mineral the body needs to uphold several vital structures and functions; including cellular metabolism, white cell production and the chemical activity of more than 50 enzymes. Besides being a crucial component for a robust immune system, Zinc has an important role in growth and development, neurotransmission, reproduction and vision.

Vitamin C is an efficient antioxidant that shields the body from oxidative stress and various infections, while protecting macronutrients from free radicals present in toxins, pollutants and during metabolism. Vitamin C is also a cofactor for multiple enzymes involved in collagen and carnitine synthesis, which contributes to faster healing and healthy bones, joints, skin and hair.

Several studies indicate that a combined dose of Zinc and Vitamin C can enhance the immune system more effectively than either nutrient taken alone.*

Unlike most other animals, humans cannot synthesize their own vitamin C so it must be obtained from dietary sources. As a water soluble vitamin, vitamin C dissolves easily in water but cannot be readily store in the body. This means adequate amounts of vitamin C should be consumed every day. Plus, Zinc which has become the best-known mineral for supporting immune health. Zinc is essential for cell division, which is pivotal when immune cells are rapidly multiplying to meet the requirements of the immune system, also assists in a wide range of specific immune functions, such as helping special types of immune cells called B cells and T cells function properly.*


Frunutta Zinc + Vitamin C Soft Molded Tablets are easy to support your wellness goals. These two powerful nutrients work together to form a robust immune system that helps the body heal wounds, resist infections, prevent oxidative stress, and support your immune system *.

Frunutta Zinc + Vitamin C Dissolvable tablets will disperse instantly under your tongue for easy absorption, rather than absorbing a supplement through your digestive system (via swallowing), you let it dissolve and absorb through the mucosal membranes beneath your tongue.

Frunutta Zinc + Vitamin C provides you with a carefully optimized synergistic dose of clean Zinc and Vitamin C with zero unnatural fillers, allowing for maximum benefits without hidden drawbacks.*

Frunutta Vitamins

Feel, Look and Function Better

Frunutta Zinc + Vitamin C

Frunutta Zinc + Vitamin C

Gluten-Free, Dye Free, GMO-Free

Frunutta Zinc + Vitamin C

Dissolves, Disperses and Absorbs Under Your Tongue

No swallowing or water necessary

Frunutta Zinc + Vitamin C

Helps to Strengthen immune function

Two powerful immune enhancers in one micro-sized pill

Frunutta Vitamins



Manuel M.

The Zinc plus Vitamin C is great. I take it mostly for immunity. For those with absorption problems, this is a life saver. Thanks and God bless you for this wonderful product which is vital for those with intestinal malabsorption.


Phil D.

Absolutely love this product. During this previous winter I have been taking two in the morning and two at night. The wonderful thing is that you don't need to worry about peeing out the vitamins since it is absorbed under the tongue. They dissolve so quick and taste really good, highly recommend for kids who are picky.


Ali E.

Great vitamin supplement. Tastes yummy so both the kids and myself don't mind taking it! My kids absolutely hate taking their vitamins and they said it tasted like candy. Great value for the size you get as well.


With the exception of stevia (Rebaudioside A) found in some Frunutta products, we do not use any sweetener, flavor, flavor enhancer, or masking flavors. And we use no artificial flavors or colors in any Frunutta products.

Because Frunutta products are made from pure and natural sources, the taste and aroma of the products come from ingredients and raw materials.

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Please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional before using any dietary supplement.

If you want to swallow your Frunutta tablets, yes, we recommend that you take your Frunutta Tablets with food. But if you choose to dissolve the tablet under the tongue as recommended, then you do not need to take with food.

Share blog posts, products, or promotions with your customers. Use this text to describe products, share details on availability and style, or as a space to display recent reviews or FAQs.

Frunutta Dissolvable Vitamins