Why Personalized Vitamins May Not Be Your Best Option

Why Personalized Vitamins May Not Be Your Best Option

Companies are popping up everywhere promising to curate your own personalized vitamin regimen. This new craze has many people excited about vitamins again because you feel confident that you are taking what your body needs.

But is that really the case? In this article, we cover both the pros and the cons of personalized vitamins, so you can decide for yourself what is best for your body.  

Pros of the Personalized Vitamins

Now, for starters, we definitely believe that the personalized vitamin solution is an excellent idea. Back in the day, everyone thought a multi-vitamin would keep them healthy. As consumers have become more informed, we now know that everybody’s needs are different, and your multi-vitamin may have too little of the nutrient your body lacks. So, the vitamins you should be taking will also vary from person to person. The personalized vitamins craze definitely is right about this one thing!

Another big plus for the personalized vitamins is that you are asked to take a blood test. We at Frunutta have always recommended consulting your doctor and obtaining your blood work prior to embarking on any vitamin regimen. The blood test results will help gauge your vitamin levels and from there, you will know what supplements and how much of each to take to make up for your deficiencies.

Cons of the Personalized Vitamins

On the other hand, it is important to mention that your deficiencies will be different as your body changes, as you age, if you suffer from heavy periods, or have light or dark skin, etc. The only way to know if you are definitely deficient in something is by taking more than one blood test over a period of time to compare the results. Most personalized vitamin brands don’t offer continued service and therefore miss the mark in our book. Hence at times your doctor is your best choice for continued monitoring.

But the biggest issue is that all the personalized vitamin companies we have seen only offer swallowed vitamins. Hence if you are unable to swallow a pill, get an upset stomach with pills such as Iron, or worse you are unable to absorb the vitamins that you swallow and your levels continue to remain low then the personalized vitamins will fail to help you.

If you are familiar with Frunutta, you know by now that our tablets go under the tongue and are absorbed directly into the blood stream. This method of absorption is a safer bet that you will actually get most the vitamin your body is trying to absorb.

Therefore, if you notice that your blood levels are not improving you may need to go with under the tongue absorption.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Into the Personalized Vitamins Craze

As long as these personalized vitamin brands do not check in with you, to see if you are actually absorbing what they give you, we say you skip the craze all together. It’s just another business model to get you to pay a premium for perceived value. Instead, we recommend getting your blood work done with your physician, find out what you are deficient in, and build your own vitamin regimen.

About Frunutta Vitamins

Frunutta’s pure and clean supplements provide a simple delivery method for absorption and eliminate all of the additives and impurities found in every swallowed pill and gummy. The quick-dissolving vitamins placed under the tongue absorb directly into the bloodstream. Our products are the perfect solution for people with stomach problems, difficulty swallowing pills, absorption issues, and anyone who wants to live a non-toxic lifestyle.

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