Why not an under-the-tongue Probiotic?

Why not an under the tongue Probiotic?

The medical community has just begun to understand the advantages that good bacteria bring to our wellbeing vs. the bad bacteria that are fighting to harm us on daily basis.

Gone are the days when we had to rely on antibiotics only to cure diseases. Hello to a new day of cultivating good bacteria in our guts to improve our overall health.

Vitamins to keep you healthy.
We can all agree that vitamins are meant to help our body improve its daily functions. Different vitamins are meant to improve every separate organ system in our body from immunity, to mental function, to energy, to blood count and the list goes on and on.

It is vital to ensure that we are absorbing the vitamins we are taking into our system, hence Frunutta vitamins are meant to be taken under-the-tongue to absorb directly into the blood stream without additives and preservatives, just pure goodness.

Probiotics to keep you healthy.
If you are tuned in to current trends, then you must know that the conversation about probiotics has gathered momentum as of late - from medical communities to social media, everyone is talking about Probiotics. And, with good reason!

Your gut is filled with bacteria that are both good and bad for your body. Probiotics help restore the balance between the bad and the good. Good bacteria in your gut help your body process food, make vitamins, absorb food, and produce healthy stools. Did you know that 2/3 of a healthy stool are made up of bacteria??

In general, probiotics help you maintain a healthy load of good bacteria and allow you to maintain a healthy gut and prevent disease. Many times, antibiotics break down this balance and can cause diarrhea and fungal infections to occur due to the killing off of good bacteria, which allows your system to become overrun with bad bacteria.

Why not an under-the-tongue probiotic?
To get the most out of your probiotic, you are going to want it to stay in the gut; thus, probiotics do not come in injection or under-the-tongue form. You never want any bacteria — good or bad  — to be absorbed into the blood stream. This will cause a condition known as sepsis and is harmful to your body. All probiotics should be swallowed and exposed to the intestinal environment since that is where they do their most good.

A probiotic tablet should never be taken at the same time as an antibiotic since this will decrease the effectiveness of both pills. You should give at least 6 hours time between taking an antibiotic and your probiotic tablet. Probiotic tablets, drinks or yogurts can be taken on regular basis. However, some doctors prefer that you don’t take them every day and instead take the probiotic on an every other day basis. This avoids overpopulating your gut with only one type of good bacteria which can also create an imbalance. 


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Frunutta vitamins have an easy, under-the-tongue delivery method so you don’t even need water to take these tiny tablets. Frunutta vitamins are also created without additives, preservatives, colorings, and other impurities so you can feel confident you are taking vitamins and NOTHING MORE.

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