What is the problem with vitamin powders?

What is the problem with vitamin powders?

Staying healthy is hard and finding the right supplement routine for you can be even harder. We are exposed to a barrage of new products every day... all claiming to be the best product on the market, the newest trend or healthiest choice. How do you choose products and where to invest your time, money and health??

One new trend you may have noticed are vitamin powders. These powders are to be mixed with water or other liquids and consumed orally. The concept is that the powders have eliminated additives and preservatives, and are easier to swallow than capsules and tablets.

On the surface, the powders seem like a great option. But... buyer beware! There are several issues to consider with the powders and we want to shed some light on the subject. 

Measuring problem
Vitamin powders are measured using a simple kitchen spoon. The issue is that vitamins are dosed in micrograms and the smallest deviation in the spoon scoop can make huge difference in the actual dose taken. There can be issues of under-dosing or toxicity which is not seen in tablets, capsules or packets.

Blend Separation
Powders are made up of many particles of different sizes which are not uniform - large particles and small particles. The smaller particles tend to collect towards the bottom of a powdered mixture and larger particles to the top making it very hard or impossible to get a consistent recommended dosage of the same vitamins and minerals every time.

Mixing and Storage
If powdered supplements need to be mixed with liquid, then you must stir thoroughly and consume the full contents of the drink. Some ingredients are insoluble, like calcium, iron, boron, selenium, vanadium, manganese, magnesium, etc. Some material may remain at the bottom of the cup, while some ingredients stick to the side.

Storing powdered supplement is difficult due to the moisture exposure and clumping problems; issues which may make their shelf life shorter.

Taking too many vitamins and minerals all together can block absorption and also many vitamins are poorly absorbed by the intestinal tract. Hence the route of absorption is the most important point the consumer can learn from how a vitamin should be ingested.

Why Frunutta?
We learned that for our body to use the vitamins and supplements that we ingest, we must first be able to absorb them - and the gastrointestinal tract may not do a good job of it. Frunutta vitamins are meant to be taken under the tongue to absorb directly into the blood stream bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, allowing for high absorption, standardized dose and avoiding all the  additives and preservatives commonly found in swallowed tablets, just pure goodness!

Get Your Frunutta Now!
Frunutta vitamins have an easy, under-the-tongue delivery method so you don’t even need water to take these tiny tablets. Frunutta vitamins are also created without additives, preservatives, colorings, and other impurities so you can feel confident you are taking vitamins and NOTHING MORE.


Always consult with your doctor whenever taking any vitamins or supplements and the above statements are not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease.

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