What are the best options for treating postpartum hair loss?

What are the best options for treating postpartum hair loss?

Is there a science behind postpartum hair loss? What can you do about the handfuls of hair that are falling out and are there any vitamins that can help?

The main culprits behind postpartum hair loss are hormones. During pregnancy the surges in hormones stop the usual daily loss of 100 strands of hair which is normal for your scalp. This causes many pregnant women to have luscious hair during pregnancy, but all good things must come to an end. Post-delivery, many women experience a hair loss "catch-up" and they can lose hair by the handful. This can cause panic if you have not been warned that this may happen to you and the process can last as long as one full year. But all hop eis not lost! There is a happy ending to this story: hair loss can be reversed, and your beautiful hairline can be restored.

The Dos and Don’ts
Stop causing more stress on the hair and scalp by avoiding excessive brushing, chemical treatments and tight bands or caps. Improve oxygenation and blood flow with gentle scalp massage and healthy diet and vitamins.

Biotin and Zinc anyone?
Many believe that Biotin and Zinc therapy along with Vitamin E are possibly the best supplements to help restore healthy hair and shorten the process of hair re-growth. As always, it is important to consult with your doctor before starting any therapy or vitamins. 

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