Vitamins you need after weight loss surgery

Vitamins you need after weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery puts patients on a lifelong journey of vitamin supplementations. A large cohort study showed that patients in this community were still deficient up to 50% while on multivitamin therapy. The biggest issue in this community is that they have a hard time absorbing certain vitamins along with the fact that vitamins that need to be taken are often large horse pill that cause nausea and stomach upset due to the changes in the stomach size post-surgery.



What vitamin deficiencies commonly post bariatric surgery?


The most important issue is vitamin absorption which will be touched upon in the next section. However, after bariatric surgery there is a period of hair loss which can be decreased with Biotin supplementation. Most individuals are also B12 deficient due to the fact that they do not have the portion of the stomach that assists in B12 absorption. Iron deficiency is also very common due to fact that aside from nausea and constipation iron supplements require acidic stomach to activate the swallowed pills for absorption. Other commonly found deficiencies are folate, vitamin C, zinc and copper.  


Why Frunutta?


To get the vitamins your body needs you must be able to absorb them. Hence the route of absorption of any vitamin into our system is of the outmost importance. Even personalized vitamins fail to help if they are not able to be absorbed. Frunutta vitamins do not require to be swallowed and do not require intestinal absorption.  Frunutta vitamins are meant to be taken under the tongue to absorb directly into the blood stream from the rich buccal mucosal plexus.  Frunutta vitamins and supplements are without additives, dyes, sugars, and preservatives, they are just pure goodness!


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Frunutta vitamins have an easy, under-the-tongue delivery method so you don’t even need water to take these tiny tablets. Frunutta vitamins are also created without additives, preservatives, colorings, and other impurities so you can feel confident you are taking vitamins and NOTHING MORE.


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