Frunutta cares about our customers in the same way we would as if they were our own family. As we move forward in these uncertain times, we at Frunutta remain committed to trying to bring you up to date news in how to protect yourself and your family against  the COVID 19 viral pandemic.  As you know there is a lot of information out there recently regarding anti-Malarial drug Plaquenil better known as Hydroxychloroquine.

How is this old drug able to provide therapy for a viral infection that has destroyed our health system and sanity?

First, our obvious advice to our extended Frunutta family is to wash your hands, avoid contact with others, social isolation, heat your food to better kill the virus (which survives better in the cold), and get a good night sleep.


Why Hydroxychloroquine in the first place?


There was a study in France that showed the patients that were taking Hydroxychloroquine along with the well-known antibiotic Z-pack showed faster recovery and stopped shedding the virus in less than one week. The problem with the study was that it was too small and too short of duration and the patient’s in the different arms of the study were not carefully evaluated for other medical conditions. However, this study is the reason that suddenly there is so much renewed interest in Hydroxychloroquine.


Proposed Mechanism of Action!


Some believe that Hydroxychloroquine causes the virus not to be able to penetrate the cell by causing the internal fluid of the cells to become more acidic some others believe that the medication causes a blockage of the cell receptor ACE, which the virus uses as a door to gain entry to our cells.


A recent study suggests that Hydroxychloroquine helps shuttle Zinc into the cells. Zinc is believed to interfere with or to stop viral RNA transcription inside the cells and halt the proliferation of the virus and its ability to spread.



Zinc benefits and dosage!


Zinc 5mg + Vitamin C is a mineral that is very important to the immune system. It is believed that zinc helps the different types of white blood cells fight off infections better. Some studies have found that zinc helps lower the duration and the number of viral colds, which are part of the coronavirus family. It is believed that the upper limit of daily intake is at 40mg/day and the lower limit is at 5mg/day. It appears that zinc and vitamin C have a synergistic effect on the immune response.



Always consult with your doctor whenever taking any vitamins or supplements and the above statements not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.


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