Frunutta, Zinc, ACE receptor and Coronavirus: Covid-19?


Zinc is being touted as a possible therapy or preventive measure for the current Covid-19 pandemic, by many articles, doctors, scientists and even recently by the president. Here is some reasons why zinc is so important!

Zinc and the immune response.


It is believed that zinc helps the different types of white blood cells fight off infections better. Some studies have found that zinc helps lower the duration and the number of viral colds including the coronavirus family by possibly effecting the viral entry into the cell or slowing down the viral production mechanism. It appears that zinc and vitamin C have a synergistic effect on the immune response. Recently you heard President Trump bring up the subject of zinc in regards to coronavirus therapy (Zinc). But let us delve deeper in how zinc can be a line of defense regarding the current coronavirus pandemic.




Zinc and RNA polymerase and ACE receptor.  


Recently there are multiple studies showing that a cell receptor called ACE which is abundant in the adult lung is involved as a gateway for Coronavirus to enter the cell. Hence the virus hits the lungs more commonly and it is less seen in children which have less ACE receptors. Zinc appears to be a sort of a plug that blocks this gateway for the coronavirus. Newer studies are also showing that zinc can block the enzyme that is responsible for replication of the coronavirus’ genetic code. Hence the hype behind zinc may be true and probably would be beneficial to have a daily intake of zinc during this pandemic or any future flu season.


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