Frunutta: Why we feel the under the tongue vitamin is a revolution in itself!



Vitamins are necessary for your body to function. The importance of vitamins for healthy living was known as early as the 18th century, sailors were routinely given citrus fruits on long voyages to avoid scurvy. Doctors know that vitamins are important; however, the route of their absorption is also as important if not more important than the vitamins themselves.

The most effective way to take your vitamin is not new to medical community but may be new to the public.

The cost, benefits, access, and administration must also be considered when one is given a choice of vitamin therapies.

Intravenous (I.V.) vitamin therapies.

California and some of the other states have seen a large growth in IV hydration rooms, providing people with IV fluids and cocktails of different vitamins for hangovers, colds, flus, or just severe dehydration. Many are true believers of these remedies and why wouldn’t they be since IV absorption is the best method to provide your body with its needed vitamins and nutrients without the additives, preservatives, and unnecessary sugars. However, along with the excellent route of administration comes the problem of cost, pain of the IV site, risk of IV site infection, convenience or lack of and many other issues that comes with the need to go to the actual center to obtain daily, weekly or monthly dose of your vitamins.


Intramuscular injections (IM) therapies.


The next best alternative is to have an injection, many are familiar with B12 shots provided at many clinics. However, like the IV therapies the cost, lack of convenience or availability, risk of infection at site of injection and the need of continued injections make this route also not so appealing to the many people.


Frunutta is your best answer.


The problem with any oral vitamin is that it must be swallowed. Now whether you chew, drink, or swallow your vitamin the biggest issue is that the vitamin must survive the stomach acids. Once it has surpassed that it will be introduced to the pancreatic juices and small intestine, it must be absorbed by the intestine, and survive the liver before a fraction of that vitamin can survive and enter your blood stream. The industry has created more and more additives not only to cheaply produce the vitamins but to increase the survivability of the vitamin in the harsh environment of your gastro-intestinal tract before absorption. Frunutta has revolutionized this process by not only producing an entire line of vitamins that are free of GMO, GLUTEN, ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, SUGAR, DYES AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, but also its entire line of products are simply absorbed under your tongue, sublingual, bypassing the need to be swallowed, or survive the harsh environment of your gut. 

Get Your Frunutta Now!

The entire line of Frunutta products are simply absorbed under your tongue – ‘sublingually’- bypassing the need to be swallowed or to survive the harsh environment of the gut. Simply place Frunutta’s vitamins or minerals under your tongue and let it absorb directly into your blood stream.  Frunutta vitamins are also created without additives, preservatives, colorings, and other impurities so we at Frunutta feel you are taking the best vitamins possible and NOTHING MORE!

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Always consult with your doctor whenever taking any vitamins or supplements and the above statements are not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease.



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