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Vitamins can be a very intimidating hill to climb. It is so hard to know which vitamin is right for you and what your body may need more of. Most of the population probably is not even aware of the number of vitamins there are. We are with you! Many people in the US are becoming more health conscious and we are all doing our best to try to boost our immune systems and stay healthy during these uncertain times. Frunutta has your back! We curated a collection of supplements from our line that we like to call the survival pack. Now you can start your supplement collection off on the right foot.

Stress, lack of sleep, and the importance of having a healthy immune system in mind, we have put together a few vitamins and supplements that we feel could lend a helping hand. Zinc + C and D3, have made headlines for their importance in boosting immunity. GABA and Melatonin are known for helping with stress relief and sleep which is also important for a healthy immune system.


ZINC + Vitamin C


Zinc is a mineral that is very important to the immune system. It is believed that zinc helps the different types of white blood cells fight off infections better. Some studies have found that zinc helps lower the duration and the number of viral colds, which are part of the coronavirus family. It is believed that the upper limit of daily intake is at 40mg/day and the lower limit is at 5mg/day. It appears that zinc and vitamin C have a synergistic effect on the immune response.


Vitamin D3


Northwestern University researchers were able to complete a statistical analysis of patients from countries across the globe that have been hit hardest by the Covid-19 infection. Their research appears to show a direct relationship between Vitamin D3 deficiency and Covid-19 mortality rates. “…it is important for people to know that vitamin D deficiency might play a role in mortality…”. Research is coming out daily and it is important to ensure your D levels are at a healthy number.



GABA can help reduce anxiety and improve mood without the extra calories and sugar. If a calmed mind is that you long for, Frunutta’s GABA can be the right supplement for you. GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid an amino acid formed naturally in the brain from glutamic acid and vitamin B6. Not to be confused with Gabapentin (Brand name Neurontin) which is a prescription drug. GABA has an inhibitory effect in the synapses of the brain and an overall lowering of excitation and a general calming effect. Many believe that GABA has the following general effect on the brain:


  • Improved mood
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Improved symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome



Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that helps users avoid sluggish, irritated feelings that often occur with a lack of sleep. Unlike some sleep medications, melatonin, available as an over-the-counter supplement, is not habit-forming and will not lead to addictions, dependencies, or a groggy feeling the next morning.


Why Frunutta?

We learned that for our body to use the vitamins and supplements that we ingest, we must first be able to absorb them - and the gastrointestinal tract may not do a good job of it. Frunutta vitamins are meant to be taken under the tongue to absorb directly into the blood stream bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, allowing for high absorption, close to always a standardized dose and avoiding all the additives and preservatives commonly found in swallowed tablets, just pure goodness!

Get Your Frunutta Now!

Frunutta vitamins have an easy, under-the-tongue delivery method so you do not even need water to take these tiny tablets. Frunutta vitamins are also created without additives, preservatives, colorings, and other impurities so we at Frunutta feel you are taking the best vitamins possible and NOTHING MORE.

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