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The liver is an amazing organ that acts like a laboratory in our body, breaking down all types of toxins and storing them or deactivating them before they can harm us. Our ancestors did not put their livers under the kind of stress that our modern diet does. Many are aware that carbohydrates such as simple sugars are not a good source of nutrition. Research has shown that most carbohydrates that we consume such as sugar or white rice are lacking any useful vitamins and minerals, the liver must store them as fat. However, due to persistent sugar intake in our daily diet, the liver continues to be clogged up by fat that it intends to put away in other storage areas and eventually this can be a possible contributing factor for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Sugars that our found in fruits and vegetables are mildly better since they come with their own dose of vitamins which can help the liver process the sugars much easier.

New research is showing the importance of vitamins in liver disease and it may lead the way to simple preventive therapies.



Lack of Folic Acid (B9), and vitamin B12 in liver disease.


Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver disease is the most common form of liver disease worldwide. For many years’ researchers had seen a link between low levels of vitamin B12 in patients with liver disease. However, a new study is showing a direct link between low levels of Folic Acid (B9) and vitamin B12 and progression of fatty liver disease.  The “study demonstrated that low levels of folate (B9) and vitamin B12 can be used as independent predictors of the histological severity of” liver disease.

Always consult your doctor prior to starting on any new vitamins or supplements regimen.



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