Frunutta, and A Second Wave Of Coronavirus?




As social distancing measures are being relaxed the medical community expects a second and possibly larger wave of Corona Virus (Covid-19) infections across the country and the globe.  What can you do to protect yourself and loved ones? Apart from taking the normal precautions such as hand washing, wearing a mask in crowded places and using a hand sanitizer as often as you can, you must always maintain a healthy diet, get ample amount of sleep and avoid lowering your immune system with unnecessary stress.  

Different vitamins are meant to improve every separate organ system in our body and the immune system is no different.  


Zinc and the immune response.


Zinc is a mineral that is very important to the immune system. It is believed that zinc helps the different types of white blood cells fight off infections better. Some studies have found that zinc helps lower the duration and the number of viral colds, which are part of the coronavirus family. It is believed that the upper limit of daily intake is at 40mg/day and the lower limit is at 5mg/day. It appears that Zinc along with vitamin C have a synergistic effect on the immune response.

Melatonin benefits and dosage!

We realize that a goodnights sleep is usually easier said than done, so supplementing with Melatonin is a great way to ease your body to sleep and avoid restless nights. A healthy immune system needs a healthy sleep schedule. In adults the safe range of melatonin is around 1 to 10mg and anything near 30 mg can cause overdose. Overdose is rare but can have health risks so stick to the standard dosing in 24 hours.


Vitamins D3 and Covid-19 infection.


Northwestern University researchers were able to complete a statistical analysis of patients from countries across the globe that have been hit hardest by the Covid-19 infection. Their research appears to show a direct relationship between Vitamin D3 deficiency and Covid-19 mortality rates. “…it is important for people to know that vitamin D deficiency might play a role in mortality…”.

GABA benefits and dosage!

All the stress from the media, panicked friends and worrying about family can become very overwhelming. GABA can be just the thing you need to relax the mind and improve your mood. GABA is a natural amino acid found in our body and is believed to have a calming effect by reducing the overall excitation in our brain or possibly the external nervous system and may just be the natural relaxant that we need during these hard times. It is extremely hard to overdose on Frunutta GABA at our dosage recommendations.

Why Frunutta


Frunutta zinc + vitamin C is meant to be taken under the tongue to absorb directly into the blood stream without the unnecessary additives and preservatives, just pure goodness!


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Frunutta also offers Melatonin, GABA, D3 along with zinc with an easy, under-the-tongue delivery method so you do not even need water to take these tiny tablets. Our simple under the tongue vitamins are also created without additives, preservatives, colorings, and other impurities so you can feel confident you are taking the vitamins that you need and NOTHING THAT YOU DON’T!


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Always consult with your doctor whenever taking any vitamins or supplements and the above statements not meant to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.



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