Does the Lactose in Frunutta Vitamins Pose a Problem for My Lactose Intolerance?

Does the Lactose in Frunutta Vitamins Pose a Problem for My Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose in Frunutta TabletsWhen we created our Frunutta tablets, we had to consider how to make them dissolve. We had to use the safest ingredients in doing so; hence we chose the natural ingredient lactose sugar as opposed to other sugars such as sorbitol, sucrose, fructose, maltose, maltodextrin or other choices like mannitol, which is hard on the kidneys. We also chose lactose as a natural sweetener since it does not crystalize like other sweetener options under your tongue. 

Now, since lactose intolerance is very common nowadays, this ingredient has got a bad rep and we want to set the record straight on why the lactose in Frunutta is not an issue for lactose intolerant individuals. 

No, Frunutta Vitamins Do NOT Affect Lactose Intolerant People! 

Most people are lactose intolerant and not lactose ALLERGIC. Lactose allergy is to the protein found in milk and not to lactose sugar. It is a true allergy to whole milk and is extremely rare. The Food Allergy Research & Education website provides a very interesting article to learn more about this difference.

Lactose intolerant individuals are unable to breakdown this simple sugar in their small intestine allowing the bacteria in the large intestine to digest it, which leads to bloating and cramping. This is not an issue for our products since it dissolves under the tongue and never reaches the intestinal tract!   Hence, people who are lactose intolerant do not report any issues with Frunutta products.

Additionally, there is such a minute amount of lactose in our vitamins that if you were to swallow one of them instead of placing it under your tongue you still would not have an issue with the lactose in the tablet. Putting it into perspective, you would need to take over 100 of the tablets at one setting to see any signs of lactose intolerance. 

How Much Lactose is in the Frunutta Tablets? 

Frunutta tablets use lactose in minute quantities. While it has been reported that the amount of ingested lactose necessary to produce adverse effects varies, it generally ranges between 12 and 18 gm of lactose (approximately 8 to 12 oz of milk). 

The amount of lactose in a Frunutta tablet ranges from about 0.4% to 1% of this amount (between 100 to 250 times less). One would not expect such small quantities to result in gastrointestinal symptoms. If we had to quantify it, you could swallow over 100 tablets before feeling the effects of the lactose! 

Giving Frunutta a Try

Our wish has always been to create a product that not only pleases everyone but it’s healthy and easy to take and we continue to strive to do so and to educate the consumers on our choices of the ingredients.  Therefore, we have avoided other more dangerous “other ingredients” commonly found in the market, such as magnesium silicate, talc, or titanium dioxide. Hence, we know that if you compare us you will witness that we have created a product line that is much cleaner than other labels found in the marketplace. 

Frunutta prides itself in providing a healthy alternative to families for all their vitamin needs.  What you see on our labels is what you get! We hope this addresses all your concerns about lactose but if you have additional questions, please reach out to us via our contact page or by connecting with us on social media:

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