Do Vitamins Really Make a Difference?

Do Vitamins Really Make a Difference? 

How Frunutta Helped Tonya Skurzynski Get Healthy | FrunuttaTonya Skurzynski discovered Frunutta through her health and fitness journey.

She has always been an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and believer in  non-toxic products. She struggled with vitamins because they were tough on her stomach and she would forget to take them if she didn’t take them first thing in the morning.

Frunutta vitamins made a huge difference as they were so easy to take without water or food!   

How Tonya Discovered Her Vitamin  Deficiency

After consulting with her doctor, Tonya discovered that her vitamin D3-levels were lower than normal (Tonya was level 29, whereas she was told 70 was optimal).   She didn’t realize the health impact of a low vitamin D level, once corrected her energy was at an all time high and her physical progress performance was reaching new heights. Tonya was surprised she was so low in vitamin D because she is always out in the sun. 

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That is when Tonya decided to try supplementing her vitamins to see if it would make a difference. She chose to take Frunutta vitamins because she liked the clean label, that they dissolved under the tongue, were easy to take and learned they had a better absorption method that delivered them directly into her bloodstream, resulting in quickly bringing up her levels.  Best part her was no more stomachaches or forgetting to take them. 

The Results Shocked Tonya & Even the Doctors! 

In just two months, Tonya was able to get her vitamin D levels up to a whopping 91! Tonya and the doctor were shocked at the results, especially considering how little time had passed. Now that her vitamin D levels were normal and stable, Tonya experienced significantly more energy and a plethora of other benefits. Now that she was able to get to the root of the cause, she was even able to lose some of her stubborn weight, which she thought was a part of getting older. Turns out, in her case it may have been  just a vitamin deficiency!   

Tonya’s personal transformation taking Frunutta vitamins proved to her that vitamins DO really make a difference! 

Update on Tonya Skurzynski Today

It has been over 2 years since Tonya first started taking Frunutta vitamins. She loved Frunutta’s products so much that she has now joined the Frunutta team. We are lucky to have her on our team!  

The Benefits of Taking Frunutta Vitamins

Tonya feels Frunutta was able to help her gain more energy and lose the stubborn weight she thought was part of aging. This transformation showed us all that if you have a deficiency, supplementing that vitamin really DOES make a difference! 

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