Can vitamin C fight off your cold?

Can vitamin C fight off your cold?

Primates and guinea pigs have one thing in common: an inability to produce vitamin C. Hence, we need to have a steady supplemental intake of vitamin C. But the biggest question on everyone’s mind has always been, can vitamin C fight off my cold?

We can all agree that vitamins are meant to help our body improve its day to day functions. Different vitamins are meant to improve every separate organ system in our body and immunity is no different. But does daily supplementation of vitamin C cure the common cold or is it just an old wives’ tale?

Vitamin C and the common cold.
There are many studies on vitamin C and cold prevention, but the results have been inconsistent. A study that was done over 5 years with taking vitamin C 1000mg daily for gastric cancer prevention found instead that the participants had shortened duration of their common cold. Another double-blind placebo, randomized trial from Japan over 5 years instead showed that daily dosing with 1000mg of vitamin C reduced the frequency of the common cold and not its duration. Hence, we recommend that due to wide range of study outcomes but low risk of taking vitamin C, everyone evaluate their own experience with the supplement. 

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