5 Things You Wish People Knew About Having An Autistic Child

5 Things You Wish People Knew About Having An Autistic Child

5 Things You Wish People Knew About Having An Autistic Child
While awareness of autism has grown, there are still many things that people don’t know about the condition. If your child is on the autism spectrum, you know there are just some things you have to deal with that other parent’s will likely never come across. 

Here are five things that families with autistic children deal with, that they wish others understood.

1. Echolalia

Immediate echolalia is the act of replicating sentences or phrases almost immediately after they are heard. Kids with autism tend to repeat utterances prior to developing fluent, spoken language. However, some kids will display echolalia when they are in stressful situations. The behavior reflects problems with comprehension of the terms being used and understanding what was said. This anxiety over not knowing what is being talked about makes it difficult for them to formulate creative verbal expressions.

Tip: If you come across this, consider rephrasing what you said or saying it slower. Once the words are recognized, the child will respond.

2. Meltdowns

It is very common for people with autism to experience meltdowns. Unfortunately, the public often sees them as temper tantrums; which are far less severe. A meltdown is an intense response to an overwhelming situation, causing the individual to temporarily lose behavioral control. Meltdowns can be expressed verbally (shouting, screaming, crying), physically (kicking, lashing out, biting), or in both ways.

Tip: If you see someone is having a meltdown, don’t judge them! Showing empathy and understanding can make a world of difference to someone on the autism spectrum and their caretaker.

3. Hygiene

Many children with autism suffer from issues involving the gut and their bowel movements. The most common gastrointestinal complaints in autism are diarrhea, constipation, and gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn). According to the Interactive Autism Network, these gastrointestinal (GI) problems are caused by the food they eat (more on that later!). As a parent with a child on the spectrum, it is not uncommon to be cleaning up messes on a regular basis.

Tip: If you are watching or taking care of a child with autism, try to make a ‘potty break’ part of the regular start-up routine to every new activity. Build regular stops into your day.

4. Continuous Doctor Visits

Doctors can play a tremendous role in improving the quality of daily life for families living with autism. Many common concerns such as the GI problems mentioned above, frequent self-injurious behavior, poor dental care, etc. are all best treated by doctors. Yet, sometimes frequent doctor visits can be challenging. Kids with autism will quickly associate pain and suffering with the doctor’s office and may experience meltdowns.

Tip: If you know or works with a parent with an autistic child, try to be understanding. These doctor’s visits are unpredictable will occur more often than regular family doctor visits.

5. Diet

Most parents find their autistic child's sensitivity to tastes, colors, smells and textures the most significant barriers to a balanced diet. Getting a child with autism to try new foods — especially those with a softer texture — may seem nearly impossible. They may find that the child avoids certain foods or even entire food groups.

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Tip: If you have a child with autism at an event or birthday party you are hosting, attentively listen to the instructions provided by the parent and follow them without question. They know what their kid likes or doesn’t like and you will not be able change it.

Final Thoughts from Dr. Alavi, Frunutta Founder and Proud Father of an Autistic Son

People who have autism can live normal, healthy lives. My son sees and reacts to things in different ways than other children and has a difficult time with activities that seem routine to other children, but every day we find new ways to teach and connect with him.  

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