The year 2022 brings with it lots of hopes and wishes and many have to start on a journey of self-improvement due to all the poor health choices that may have been out of our control due to 2020 & 2021’s multiple restrictions. Along with those healthy choices it is important to know that healthy diet is a major part of any healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle protects your bodies from the effects of aging. Experts say the best anti-aging “treatments” are the foods we eat, exercise we get, and daily habits we keep. Yet how many of us really get all the vitamins we need on a daily basis.

Hence vitamins may be a good addition to your new healthy lifestyle.

The importance of vitamins for healthy living was known as early as the 18th century, an example was sailors were routinely given citrus fruits on long voyages to avoid scurvy. Doctors know that vitamins are important; however, the route of their absorption is also as important if not more important than the vitamins themselves.

How best to take your vitamin is not new to medical community but may be knew to the public.

The cost and benefits of each route of administration must also be considered when one is given a choice of vitamin therapy.

Intravenous (I.V.) Vitamin Therapies.

California and some of the other states have seen a large growth in IV hydration rooms, providing the needy with IV fluids and cocktail of vitamins for your hangover, cold, flu or just dehydration remedy. Many are true believers of these remedies and why should they not be since IV absorption is probably the best method to provide your body with its needed vitamins and nutrients without the additives, preservatives, and unnecessary sugars. However, along with the excellent route of administration comes the problem of cost, pain of the IV site, risk of IV site infection, convenience or lack of and many other issues that comes with the need to go to the actual center to obtain daily, weekly or monthly dose of your vitamins. However, some doctors feel that IV vitamins are an over kill and not truly necessary if you take the right diet or the right supplements that are better absorbed.


Intramuscular Injections (IM) Therapies.


The next best alternative is to have an injection, and many are familiar with B12 shots provided at many clinics. However, like the IV therapies the cost, lack of convenience or availability, risk of infection at site of injection and the need of continued injections makes this route also not so appealing to the public.


We Feel Frunutta Is the Answer.


The problem with any oral vitamin is that it must be swallowed. Now whether you chew, drink, or swallow your vitamin the biggest issue is that the vitamin must survive the stomach acids and then the pancreatic juices introduced in the small intestine, get absorbed by the intestine, survive the liver first bypass metabolism that all food must go through when swallowed, before a fraction of that vitamin can survive and enter your blood stream. The industry has created more and more additives not only to cheaply produce the vitamins but to increase the survivability of the vitamin in the harsh environment of your gastro-intestinal tract before absorption. We at Frunutta have eased this process by not only producing an entire line of vitamins that are free of GMO, GLUTEN, ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, SUGAR, DYES AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, but also our entire line of soft molded tablets is simply absorbed under your tongue, bypassing the need to be swallowed, or survive the harsh environment of your gut; however, you can swallow the tablets if you prefer.   

The best way to get your vitamins is of course via a healthy diet and proper nourishment. But if you fall into the group of people that are deficient and it is out of your control, you must resort to taking vitamins. For you, we have a few very clear reasons why Frunutta vitamins are a better option than other vitamins.

  1. Purity

Since Frunutta manufactures all its products itself, we can ensure all our tablets are of the highest quality and free of all additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors/dyes, and GMOs found in other vitamins. The reason other vitamins put these “Other Ingredients” in their vitamin is mostly to protect the vitamin against your stomach acids. In other words, these fillers and coatings are added to protect the vitamin, not you. Since Frunutta tablets absorb under the tongue, we can remove everything you don’t need and provide you with pure, perfect vitamins.

  1. Easy-to-Take

Our quick-dissolving (Instant Dissolve) Micro Quick Absorb tablets, absorb easily under the tongue and directly into your bloodstream. Within seconds of placing the tablet under your tongue, it will dissolve and start to absorb and disperse through your body and get to work! Making it the perfect solution for people who hate swallowing pills. Adults with swallowing issues, intestinal issues, or overall inability to take vitamins for any reason, love the ease of absorption that Frunutta vitamins provide. At the same time, we also find parents who have kids with disabilities, malabsorption, autism or just a plain picky eater, have a great experience giving Frunutta to their children. The main reason being that it is much easier than convincing them to eat their veggies.

  1. Absorption Method

As you now know, our tablets are taken under your tongue. When you place it there, you are placing it on the buccal mucosa. The tissue that is there makes it possible to quickly absorb it into the bloodstream, avoiding the harsh environment of your stomach and digestive system entirely! So, if you are someone who hates taking vitamins because your stomach gets upset or have a hard time swallowing a big pill - you’re in luck! These vitamins will be a life-changing solution to avoid the stomach aches you get from taking vitamins.

  1. Affordability

If you breakdown how many vitamins you have to take to get the same amount of absorption, the affordability is a no brainer. With us, you take a single tablet (usually around $0.17/tablet) and you are good to go. On the other hand, swallowed vitamins promote a large pill at high dose since only a small portion survives the gastric acids. Hence, doctors sometimes recommend more than one of these other horse pills per day. But our absorption method makes Frunutta tiny tablets the more affordable and obvious choice. Furthermore, even if you are into intravenous (IV) drips, which is more a sophisticated alternative than swallowing a pill, you will still find that Frunutta under the tongue tablet is still a cheaper alternative.

  1. Individuality

Our customers prefer to work with their physicians to identify exactly what are their vitamin needs. Hence, we do not try to promote a multivitamin as a cure for all. We want you to have options that are specific to your needs and that is why we have so many different vitamins and supplements to choose from.


This information is only for educational purposes and is not medical advice or intended as a recommendation of any specific products. Consult your health care provider for more information. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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